Black Stars Shine Brightly Too

Reading Time: 3 minutes The month of February is set aside to remember the black people who have done remarkable things and have contributed to the well being of society. We often think that all the inventions that have been made, particularly in the world of technology, have been made by white people. That simply is not true. Take

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Show Us Something Else, Man Of God

Reading Time: 3 minutes A few years ago, a clip showing a Malawian man of God displaying his recently acquired affluence  – away from home – went round on social media. One of the points raised in the said clip was that the man of God was being welcomed by mzungu (a white man). I find it difficult to appreciate

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African Brilliance Is Often Doubted, Denied

Reading Time: 3 minutes When white people first came across the great Zimbabwe, they quickly ruled out any possibility that the dzimba dze mabwe (houses of stone) could have been constructed by Africans. The African race was not considered sophisticated enough to embark on an engineering program of that magnitude. A 16th century Portuguese explorer postulated than the great Zimbabwe was

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We Are Raising Afro Saxons

Reading Time: 3 minutes I once was on a team that visited Ntcheu on church business. One member of the team decided to call her son in Blantyre to tell him that if anybody would come home or call, he should inform them that his mum was in Ntcheu. “Where, mum?” the young man asked. She repeated the name

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Absentee Fathers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Several years ago I was given the responsibility of recruiting engineers for the printing organisation which I worked for. As it turned out, all the engineers I picked were from the northern region. My bosses were puzzled over how I, a non-northerner, could have ‘favoured’ people from the north. The truth of the matter was

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The Gems Of Dowa

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the most economically backward districts in Malawi is Dowa. This is so despite the district boasting a number of very proficient business people. In short, Dowa – and I would hasten to add Malawi – is a district/country full of ironies. A Dowa native called Mr Kondowe partly owns the Kang’ombe building which

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