Serious industrial power consumers will soon be needed

Reading Time: 3 minutes One problem that has beset this country for a long time is inadequate foreign exchange reserves. Our currency undergoes perpetual devaluation due to the absence of adequate reserves to support its valuation against foreign currencies. Frequently, our authorities find themselves compelled to uphold an artificially inflated value of the Kwacha, relative to other currencies, in […]

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Lessons from Benjamin Carson

Reading Time: 3 minutes Benjamin Carson, whom I have featured a number of times in the past ten or so years, remains one of my heroes. The African American neurosurgeon has achieved a number of firsts in his life. He was the first human being, for example, to successfully separate conjoined twins in 1987. He has since then successfully

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Are we a socialist economy?

Reading Time: 3 minutes At the peak of the cold war, there were two Germanys – East and West. One had a market based economy, the other a communist/socialist economy. Berlin was a city shared by both Germanys. It too was portioned, by means of a brick war, into East Berlin and West Berlin. Having been trained and/or practiced

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Malawi needs destiny changers

Reading Time: 3 minutes I was privileged to attend the memorial service of Susan Sanson, wife to Dr. Billy Sanson, the Chancellor College chaplain, which the Baptist church conducted in the Great Hall in Zomba in 2015. Many moving tributes to the departed “mother” were poured out by various speakers on that solemn afternoon. It was clear that Susan

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Some great minds are searching without

Reading Time: 3 minutes On this column we search within ourselves:  within our people, our culture, our history, and indeed our lands to find possible solutions to the problems that we grapple with all the time. Many times solutions are not far away but tucked away somewhere within ourselves, hence the need to do a diligent search within, to

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An appropriate solution can be found

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2015 I had the opportunity to visit the Government Press premises of an African country. That time I was the Government Printer of Malawi. Weeks before the trip materialized I was required to send my personal details, including an image of the first page of my passport, to them in order to obtain the

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Milk and honey require effort

Reading Time: 3 minutes When an extraordinary son of a carpenter from Nazareth called his followers two thousand years ago, he did not promise them the Moon. His message was very simple: “I will make you fishers of men”. In one case he even issued the warning that “foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of

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What A Zoo That Would Be!

Reading Time: 3 minutes A young British man, born to Jamaican parents, moved from Watford Football Club to the famed Liverpool Team in 1986. His name was John Barnes. He was the first black player for Liverpool. As it turned out, Anfield did not give him the friendliest of welcomes. He was harassed at every opportunity because of the

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